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Farmhouse Style Home Design Ideas

Farmhouse Style Home Design Ideas

As long as our craving for the past and traditional designs continues, farmhouse style décor will remain in the top favorites list. Beautifying homes in farmhouse style is often the result of people’s desire to go back to the bygone days of palatial farmhouses. It also makes us reminisce about the past where we led a simpler, uncomplicated life without the many material comforts that we see today. With the grandeur that came with this simplicity, it is no wonder that people still stick to this basic yet alluring style.

Wooden Flooring
To create a farmhouse style décor, you can opt for wide wooden planks for the floor. The flooring looks even better when polished and/or painted and can either be left bare or covered sporadically with braided rugs to generate a cozy feeling. Create a checkerboard pattern on the floor using throw rugs, exclusively designed hand-woven rugs and painted floors.



You can mix the upholstered pieces with primitive antique pieces. Put sofas in white slipcovers and complement them with a pine farm table to serve as a coffee table. Placing an antique trunk creates a farmhouse atmosphere too. At the foot of the bed, you can also keep a worn bench in milk paint to augment this style. For storing canned goods, you can use an old pie safe. Opting for an enamel kitchen table paired with painted chairs would be an excellent option. Decorate the kitchen using work tables, pie safes, and buffets. Simple edges and lathe-turned details are typical to a farmhouse kitchen. Adding a few vintage furniture pieces enhances the charm of the room.

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Wall Treatments
Wall treatments can create a great impact on anyone who sees the room. The walls in farmhouses often sport soft and muted shades, washed in off-white or sepia to provide the appearance of an older and worn look. Though homemade drapes and curtains are typical of old farmhouses, you can opt for Roman shades and blinds also to give a modern look.

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Using a homespun blanket to cover the sofa’s backrest gives your living room that cozy and alluring farmhouse signature charm. You can decorate your coffee table by using wooden style boxes to hold items such as sewing materials and playing cards; a wooden cigar box would be a welcome addition too. Hanging baskets and herbs from the beam in the kitchen and decorating your counter using old crocks to hold the kitchen items would also be nice. You can also gather vintage items like porcelain coffee pots and bread boxes and exhibit them on the top of an antique sideboard.

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  • Farmhouse sinks, with their wide and deep designs, fit into almost all the contemporary kitchen designs. With its clear line and rectangular shape, it goes great with all the cabinet styles and hence, is a welcome addition to any form of kitchen.


  • Adding a slipcovered chair and a decorative carpet enhances the softness of the room where you can have meals around a scrubbed table.


Old is gold and when it comes to farmhouse décor, it can even be called a diamond. This style has the potential to suck all monotony right out of your geometrically shaped modern abode. If however, you are one of the lucky ones and do have a palatial farmhouse that you can call your own then ignoring this style is like depriving yourself and your house of the best things in the world. Follow the aforementioned tips and make a home that you would love showing off!

Look what we found for you to bring Farmhouse style to your home!

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