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Wall-Mounted Toilet Paper Dispenser

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This amazing little device is more than just a toilet paper holder. It includes a small drawer for personal items like feminine napkins, tampons, jewelry, wet wipes, and more!

There's even a ledge for your phone to rest!

Compatible Surfaces: Clean, dry, and smooth wall surface such as ceramic tiles, marble stone, metal, glass, etc. Make sure to clean and dry the wall surfaces before installation. Not recommended for painted, wallpaper & uneven surfaces.

After cleaning the surface please wait for at least 24-hours before installing the toilet paper dispenser.

How to Install:

  • Clean your surface and make sure no debris is present
  • Wait for 24-hours for the wall to completely dry
  • Tear off protective film from the dispenser
  • Stick dispenser to the wall
  • Place the toilet paper roll in the tray