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Natural Pampas Grass

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Totally Natural Pampas Grass

Your home décor will look stunning and complete with our large pampas grass! Use this beautiful accessory to enrich the design of your home or office and create unique combinations of floral arrangements.

These different types of dried grass can be used for multiple decorating purposes all for the purpose of making your home more comfortable to live in.

With our natural pampas grass decoration, your home or office will look exquisite. Use it to enrich your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or entryway, by bringing a touch of simplicity to a modern décor.

Thee pampas grass has a natural shine and softness that makes it suitable for a wide range of décor ideas. It is a great accessory for fall or spring floral arrangements and wedding table settings. 
This faux pampas grass will compliment any pampas grass vase, cotton stems, dried palm leaves, or feathers for vase.