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Crystal Candle Holders

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Each balloon is made of K9 and is extremely popular because of its high quality, durability and reasonableness. Crystal beads with high clarity and adopt eight-sided cutting technology to make it more sparkling in the light. Which shines brightly with flashes of light, like real jewels. Cut them on a table and feel that you are dining between diamonds.
Nickle-plated metal base is large enough that the long stems is very stable on table. Mirror surface is very pretty and reflects light beautifully.Create a dramatic centerpiece and instant ambiance. Add a stately charm to any room with these elegant candlesticks. These candelabra are also elegant and finely finished to give that quality feel to mesmerize the surroundings.
Non-slip mat under the bottom of base which Isolated the contact between the furniture and the bottom of the candlestick, reduced friction and damage.Our Candle Stand Candelabra designed for table decor to make that romantic candle lite dinner the most remembered experience. The candelabra design and very simple and clean to attract customers that need their tables to be decorated with our beautiful and elegant candle holders.