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Olive Oil Sprayer

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Harmless Material: Made of high-quality food-grade transparent glass with completely BPA free and Eco Friendly!

Healthy Diet: 3.4 Ounce/100ml capacity liquid capacity to meet your daily needs. With a spray-on design, use the right amount of oil and avoiding waste. It works perfectly to apply a small amount of oil on meat or veggies so that less oil is used and have a healthier diet.
Easy to Use and Clean: Simply fill your favorite oil or other ingredients liquid into the dispenser container, then press the pressurized sprayer.
Multi-Function: Refill with whatever you make at home. Unlimited uses include mixing your own cleaners, spraying plant like succulents or herbs, home linen spray for ironing, hair moisturizing spray, non-toxic bug spray, pet sprays for fleas or odor, natural air freshener for the house, floor or carpet cleaner, vinegar and water mixture for cleaning windows, cosmetic face moisturizer, washing vegetables, bathroom deodorizer, and homemade skin and beauty recipes.