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Swing Hammock Chair

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This fashionable hammock is comfortable and durable. It will not lose the cotton thread so that the user can enjoy the Comfortable feeling of the soft sponge, and It is enough big, not like other small sizes of the hanging chair, you can only sit up, This can let you lie down and enjoy fully relax, this is something that no other chair can do.

Quality Assurance: a soft, sturdy chair is made of soft polyester/cotton, to ensure that they do not is torn or damaged, the use of the traditional hanging chair is impossible to penetrate so that it is a very good rest place for children or pets, and No smell, very comfortable chair.

Features: Anytime, anywhere can easily move - in addition to the balcony, terrace, backyard outside more, reading books, magazines or tablet at the same time to hang out and snuggling in comfortable "cocoon" - listen to the rain, crickets, birds, or enjoy a quiet night.

Dimensions: Wood about 40 inches long, about 50 inches high chair, pillow multiplied by 18 inches 18 inches.